S. Camille Peres
Assistant Professor, peres@tamu.edu
EOH Department, School of Public Health
104 SPH Administration Building
College Station, Texas 77843-1266





Applied Psychology is the application of principles and techniques of Psychology to a real world problem. In Human Factors and Human Computer-Interaction, principles of Cognitive Psychology are applied to the Human-Machine Interface to improve the usability and effectiveness of the interface.

My research and teaching interests are directly related to the goals of improving the Human-Machine Interface.

  • RESEARCH GOALS: contribute to theories of Cognitive Psychology necessary for these professionals to be successful
    - mechanisms associated with acquisition and use of efficient methods
    - optimal designs for interactive auditory displays
    - the incorporation of simulations in the teaching of statistics

  • TEACHING GOAL: train students to become professionals in this area so, in time, all Human-Machine Interfaces will be designed for optimal usability

Research: My specific research interests are varied and fall into four major categories:

1) Adopting new techniques: Factors associated with the adoption of new techniques (e.g., efficient strategies when issuing commands in a GUI).

2) Ergonomics with non-typical office software and devices: Impacts of software design and touch devices:

3) Auditory Displays: How the design of auditory displays impacts performance, specifically with auditory graphs, auditory progress bars, and auditory alerts.

4) Use of simulations in teaching: How the use of computer based simulations and animations impacts students' motivation and learning.